On a fateful school trip to the ruins of Pompeii, the fantasies of smitten teenagers Suzie and Cass are ignited. They are transported from 1977 to 79 AD, where they discover romantic freedom in the looming shadow of Mount Vesuvius – but not for long. The

The Waterfall (LIBLAB)

Content warning: death, infanticide, murder A rumble of hooves. A family is fleeing, but the baby is slowing them down. The mother is forced to choose between her husband and her child. She chooses the husband and tries to get the baby to sleep before

Airline Icarus

A worker ruminates on the terrifying power of flight as he loads bags.   Three passengers board and discover they’re sitting beside each other.  During the pre-departure safety demonstration, a flight attendant longs for an

One Lump or Two?

Content warning: mention of murder, violence, poison Four Victorian women sit down for a most unusual tea time. The women have two things in common: their dislike of the other women and of their husbands. Each woman refuses to drink tea for one reason or

Dragon’s Tale

Content warning: death, suicide Dragon’s Tale is the story of a young Chinese-Canadian woman (Xiao Lian) and her ailing father, both living in Toronto. Xiao Lian wakes up in the ancient past and witnesses the last days of one of China’s

Medusa’s Children

Content warning: misgendering, mentions of sexual assault, and implied violence Chrysaor and Pegasus, children of the gorgon Medusa, have been living with their aunts Euryale and Stheno.  They receive a message from their dead mother telling the story of