About COR

The Canadian Opera Resource (COR) is an encyclopedia, database, rich media resource, promotional tool, and one-stop-shop for all Canadian opera. It is membership-based and user-driven, and it is designed to highlight the incredible work of Canadian composers, librettists, performers, and opera companies. It’s intended for use as an archive, a score library, and the first place to look for your next favourite piece to sing. There is more beautiful, tragic, absurd, and moving work created in Canada than could ever get in front of enough audiences. COR believes that these pieces deserve to be seen again and again.

COR was created by Tapestry Opera in 2019 with funding from the Digital Strategies Fund of the Canada Council for the Arts. It is a labour of love by many people, including:

Program Concept – Michael Mori
Program Director – Jaime Martino
Project Consultant, Year 1 – the Hocevar Group
Project Manager, Years 1 and 2 – Aria Umezawa
Project Manager, Year 3 – Jennifer Szeto
TK416 Development Team – Trung Khuu and Adel Bandi
Proscenium Translation – Blanche Israel
Legal Consultation – Lynda Covello at Covello International
Content & Knowledge Contribution, Copywriting – Wayne Strongman
Copywriting – Aaron Durand, Janet Gregor, Sara Constant
Digitization Administration – Rebecca Gray
Project Assistant – Anna Atkinson
Special thanks to – Yvette Nolan, Midori Marsh, Charlotte Siegel, Teiya Kasahara, Camille Rogers, Linda Rogers, the Canadian Music Centre, Opera McGill, the Playwrights Guild of Canada, the Tapestry Opera Board of Directors, and every creator who asked questions, pushed us along, and helped guide the way.